11 Concepts for Scandinavian-Style Bathrooms

11 Concepts for Scandinavian-Style Bathrooms

Scandinavian Bathrooms: Simpleness, Energy, and Convenience

Despite residing in cold, dark nations, Scandinavians have actually mastered the art of creating comfortable yet functional areas that use natural, local products. Scandinavian style is based on three features: simpleness, utility, and beauty.

If you’ve ever had a look at Scandinavian houses, you’ll recognize the style: clean lines, lots of white and neutral colors, useful ideas that make the most of area and function, and beauty highlighted by natural products, cozy fabrics, and lots of light.

In the bathroom, the Scandinavian design implies bright areas with natural wood tones, soft materials, multi-function spaces, and tidy lines. This example by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders, through Houzz, shows an ultimate Scandinavian restroom, all the method to the wooden box tub. Decorative elements are restricted to two bright yellow flowers on the vanity.

Dark Restroom

Although understood for brightness, the Scandinavian design can also accommodate a darker mood, as in this restroom by EM Architecture, via Dwell. The stacked train tile makes the walls look larger, while the black floor hex tile and ceiling keep everything contained and comfortable. The wood is darker than many Scandinavian restrooms, however it works well in this area. The rustic texture of the wood is extremely in the Scandinavian custom.

Restroom with Glass Tile

To make this restroom more large, Lovejoy Styles chose a floating vanity in light wood– a classic Scandinavian design element. This opens up the area around the sink, and flaunts the natural material of the wastebasket. It likewise highlights the lovely glass tile on the wall. A single flowering branch and a very little piece of floral art add the finishing touch.

A Touch of Blue

If you like minimal decor, the Scandinavian design will constantly deliver. Include a touch of color, as in this restroom by raumcouture, through Houzz, and you have a beautiful, roomy, yet enjoyable space. Keep in mind how the transparent glass shower wall separates the shower space yet does not disrupt the lines of the restroom at all. Everything seems part of the same harmonious whole, with the tiniest footprint possible.

Farmhouse Bathroom

This farmhouse bathroom by Ruard Veltman Architecture features the natural wood and minimal profile common to the Scandinavian style, with a touch of farmhouse through the trough sink vanity. A big mirror reflects natural light and increases the size of the area, while likewise functioning as the only decorative aspect.

Sweetly Scandinavian

Add a little womanly sweet taste to your Scandinavian restroom with a discreetly patterned tile, as in this design by Anton Gorbatenko. The tile extends to the vanity countertop, giving the area a sense of continuity and consistency. Light neutrals, lots of white, and a concentrate on geometrical shapes define this bathroom’s Scandinavian influence.

Marble-Tiled Bathroom

This small restroom by designpad architecture, by means of Houzz, uses classic Scandinavian functions to enhance function and keep things simple, with marble tile covering the walls and floor. This option is vibrant, yet it works to provide the space motion and visual interest. The desk-style vanity keeps things open, and the practical medicine cabinet supplies much of the storage area generally served by a vanity counter top, supplying horizontal space for a larger sink. Other white marble inspiration.

Scandinavian Bath with Teak Open-Shelf Washstand

The huge teak open-shelved washstand dominates this bathroom by Paola Salinas. Retro wire baskets make storage simple, while lilac-grey towels include a little color. The sink and faucet keep lines clean and basic, and the large mirror, framed with the very same teak, includes light and a sense of visual area.


If your heart aches for very little style, this Scandivanian restroom by Line Architects absolutely provides. Tidy, straight lines all over, and just 2 colors plus the faintest touch of green. Whatever is kept as minimal as possible, whether it’s the hidden tank toilets or the shallow sinks. You barely observe the shelving along the back of the room.

White Bath with Black Backsplash

The contrast in between black and white gives this restroom by Amber Interiors, via Houzz, almost excessive brightness, but the wood tones and minimalist technique make this bathroom sturdily Scandinavian in taste. Pure white walls, flooring and ceiling gleam, while a matte black backsplash wall focuses the attention on a gold-framed mirror and single light fixture. The skylight really makes the distinction here, and gives this bathroom a great deal of area and depth.

Night and Day

Night or day? Choose your time with this dual restroom by ZROBYM Architecture: one-half black, one-half white, and both sides matched with a pale blond wood that is classically Scandinavian The tile on the white side appears arbitrarily set up, providing the space unanticipated visual interest in contrast to the strong pattern of the dark side.

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